Four Hours Effort – Just For Comedy?

Upcoming Telugu film ‘Swag’, which is being produced by People Media Factory, with Sree Vishnu playing the lead role, is currently grabbing attention.

Directed by Hasit Goli, the film’s promos sounded to be unique though they didn’t click big time. However, one particular effort of Vishnu is being talked about now.

The film is being shot at a fast pace, with Sree Vishnu taking on the role of Diwakar Peta SI Bhavbhuti. To achieve the look of an aged character, renowned make-up artist Rashid is roped in.

The transformation took four hours, and a makeover video showcasing the process has been released. Needless to say, the video is a proof of Sree Vishnu’s hardwork, but many are wondering if he’s working that hard for the sake of just doing comedy?

Usually when actors wear prosthetic makeup, they tend to do characters that have huge emotional curve and depth. We have already seen how Kamal Haasan did for Bharateeyudu series and Allari Naresh for Laddu Babu. Let’s see what Sree Vishnu is going to do.