Kalki: Nag Ashwin Cracks Recipe For A Blockbuster

Rebel Star Prabhas and Maverick Director Nag Ashwin’s Kalki 2898AD is just four days away from its release. The hype around the film suddenly picked up.

The recently released Prelude videos and Release trailer worked wonders with the fans and audience setting up the anticipation around the film.

The audience has got an impression that Nagi is cooking something interesting around the Mythology and imaginary fantasy World surrounding Kalki.

Mythology and Fantasy is a deadly combination and can excite the audience across the country. Especially, the Mythological part will excite the Hindi audience.

If the North is cracked, the numbers will be massive. Worldwide bookings are already registering record-breaking numbers in all opened areas and the Telugu states bookings are expected to be open today and are sure to register all time records in almost all areas.

Legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Hassan at the Pre-release event in Mumbai were completely hyped about the ‘New World’. The audience is completely excited about how the Legendary Actors fit in the film and why they are very excited about the film.

Kalki 2898AD is the first Pan-India film releasing this year. After Guntur kaaram in January, there is no Star film at the box office. Also, there is no proper film at the box office all this Summer. All this is the perfect recipe for a blockbuster.

The name of Vyjayanthi Movies Banner will resonate across the country if that happens.