This Is Just A Goodwill Visit -Allu Arvind

The biggies of Tollywood including Allu Arvind, Ashwini Dutt, Dil Raju, Mythri Naveen and others have met Andhra Pradesh Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan today afternoon, and many are wondering if this meeting is regarding Kalki 2898 AD ticket prices or anything else. However, Allu Arvind has clarified that this meeting is not about discussing

We have met Pawan Kalyan only to congratulate him on the eve of ‘alliance’ scoring victory in the elections. Along with Chamber and other associations, we would like to come and meet Chief Minister Chandrababu and Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan to feliciate them. For that, we have sought an appointment” said Allu Arvind, they have spoken heartfully with Pawan. Did they speak about any issues? The senior producer says no.

“We didn’t speak about anything like ticket prices which are very trivial issues. Though we have spoken about things going on within the industry, for discussing them, we will meet again” Arvind added, articulating, “this is just a goodwill visit”.