Darling Trailer: Lady Aparichitudu

Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh starrer Darling is slated for release on the 19th of this month. As the film’s release date is approaching, the makers came up with the theatrical trailer. Hero Vishwak Sen did the honors of launching the trailer.

The protagonist is raised in a way that he was told the importance of getting married to a good girl. Marriage becomes the most essential thing in his life. Priyadarshi doesn’t even want to take a passport until he gets married and puts his wife’s name in the spouse column.

Unfortunately, life turns upside down for him, even though it’s a love marriage for him, with the girl played by Nabha Natesh having a problem of split personality disorder. It’s still puzzlement whether she really has the problem.

Step into a crazy world of love and drama, as the trailer is thoroughly entertaining with an interesting set-up. Director Aswin Raam narrated the tale in a lighter vein. Cinematographer Naresh Ramadurai and music director Vivek Sagar delivered the best output in beautifying the narrative. Produced by Niranjan Reddy and Smt Chaitanya, the production values of PrimeShow Entertainment stand out.

Priyadarshi impresses big time in the role of a typical youngster with big dreams about marriage. Nabha Natesh steals the show with an unusual characterization. Ananya Nagalla appeared in a brief role. The presence of many comedians, including Brahmanandan guarantees adequate entertainment.

The trailer has certainly added excitement to watch the movie.