‘Time to take Biryani Bucket Again’

Kaithi is one of the most successful films in Tamil cinema. The film branded Lokesh Kanagaraj as one of the best commercial directors of the young generation. Starring Karthi in the lead role, the film created immense sensation even in Telugu, with the title Khaidhi. Karthi’s latest comments rekindle the discussion of the sequel.

During a meeting with the fans today, Karthi shared an update on the film with them.

“Kaithi 2 will start in 2025. Lokesh Kanagaraj said that he will come next year. It is the time to take the Biryani Bucket again,” said Karthi, during the fans meet.

Kaithi is also a part of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s cinematic universe, and Karthi received exceptional love from fans and the general audience. The film did not feature a female lead but it has done well despite not having usual commercial elements.