Praneeth Hanumanthu’s Brother Responds On Controversy

Youtuber-actor Praneeth Hanumanthu got arrested for his controversial comments in the name of comedy while roasting a viral video. While the film actors and common public are demanding a severe action on Praneeth and his friends for the disgusting comments, some turned their pointers at his brother Ajay Hanumanthu.

Ajay posted a video explaining his side and revealed that he got married six years back. Ajay says he struggled a lot with his dreams of becoming a film director and he had to move out of the house with an intention to not become a burden to the parents.

Ajay Hanumanthu reacted on the media channels bringing up his name in the Praneeth Hanumanthu’s controversy. He said that he is staying away from his family from the last five to six years and has been on his own with his struggles.

Well, Ajay clarified once for all that he has nothing to do with Praneeth Hanumanthu or any of his videos and the current controversy.