List of Censor Cuts in Aagadu

List of Censor Cuts in Aagadu

It's common knowledge by now that Mahesh Babu's Aagadu has been cleared by the regional Censor Board with U/A certification. But not many know that there are few cuts in the scenes and muting of dialogues behind the certification. Following the suggestions/instructions from the CBFC, Aagadu team has made few cuts/changes in dialogues of film and lyrics of song. Movie is said to be 165 Minutes and 22 Seconds long.

Below are the cuts in Aagadu that are doing rounds in online, social platforms:

- "Dikki" (Dikki Balisina Kodi) replaced as "Mekki"

- "Baddalu Avutundi" replaced as "Parugu Pettistadu"

-  Bokka, Pichchi Pakodi, Nee Ayya (Muted)

- "Media" (Media ni Ram Gopal Varma konna rakanga) replaced as "Publicity ni"

- "Boku" "Boku Nayala" "Boku Yedava" replaced as "Chetha Nayala" "Chetha Yedava"

- "Doolateerindi" replaced as "Baaga Ayindi"

- "Nakodaka", "Bongem Kadu" (Muted)

-  "Bokkalo" substituted as "Lopala"

-  Deleted visuals of brand label on liquor bottle

-  Blurred, reduced visuals of police officer hit by goons

- Deleted visuals of Posani sitting with his legs wide open

- Deleted close up navel exposure (black dress girl) in item song

- Removed following words in the lyrics of Tamanna's song

a) 'Naa' removed from 'Junctionlo Na Function' song

b) 'Naa' removed from Pumpset Roomlo Naa Karra Billa Aadi Padeddama