Bigg Boss 4 : Double Elimination Next Week?

Now that the week contestants are out of the show, all eyes are on this week’s elimination from the house. However, Bigg Boss makers are planning to give a twist. They are reportedly contemplating cancelling elimination this week. Celebrating Dasara festival this week, the organisers of Bigg Boss are planning to cancel the elimination from the house this week. But this is also going to be very interesting as who will be shown the door next week.

However, here is the twist. The show organisers are planning to have a double elimination in the coming week. This is going to be very interesting and shock to the members of the house. It is buzzed that Monal is reportedly in the danger zone. Many viewers are said to be not happy with her high emotional dose and also her mood swings in the house.

However, Monal’s glam factor is coming to her rescue every week. Also her equation with Akhil and Abhijeet has added enough spice to the show which is making organizers to retain her. Meanwhile, another female contestant Ariana Glory is also in the danger zone. Her chances to continue in the show are said to have come down.

Meanwhile, Divi’s monotonous stint is also said to be not engaging the audience. She is also said to be in the danger zone. But again her glam show is the hook. Among the male contestants, Mehboob and Amma Rajasekhar are also in the danger zone.