Devarakonda shocked with Middle Class response!

Opening up on the fact that they couldn’t serve all the applications with a donation, Vijay Devarakonda’s very own Devarakonda Foundation has clarified that they are now stopping receiving further applications. This is a sort of shocker for the people who wanted help, but it looks like financial abilities won’t allow Vijay to cater to the needs of all the Middle Class people like he hoped for.

Other day, Vijay’s foundation has clarified that the current funds they have in hands will only allow them to help them 6,000 families more, while they have started the foundation to help 2,000 families. But in just 5 days of his announcement, the foundation received 77,000 applications for help, and it will not be impossible to collect at least 6-7 crores now to help them all.

Perhaps that is the reason why people like Prakash Raj who also run foundations do help in silent, as publicising the charity will only invite more people to seek charity. Some say that Vijay Devarkonda’s extra-ordinary speech video has invited such many applications from across the Telugu states and maybe from other states as well.

Anyway, it’s good to do charity and timely help by Devarakonda Foundation at least for the said 6000 families will be a big relief for the needy.