Bigg Boss 4: Noel Walks Out Of The House!

In an unexpected development, Singer and Bigg Boss contestant Noel Sean walked out of the house. Apparently, Noel’s health is not well. Noel was taken to medical room where a doctor had visited him. Doctor who visited Noel informed the Bigg Boss organisers about his health condition. Noel has been advised better medical treatment and hence advised for his release. A promo has been released by the Bigg Boss team confirming the development of Noel’s departure from the house. Bigg Boss said that specialists have recommended for Noel’s treatment.

Bigg Boss housemates have given a teary farewell to Noel. Especially, his close friends in the house Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya and even Amma Rajasekhar with whom he developed enmity have all consoled Noel and stood by him. They wished for his speedy recovery. Learning about the sudden exit of their favourite contestant, several viewers also expressed shock and wished for his speedy recovery. Many have wished that he would rejoin the Bigg Boss house as soon as he is fully recovered. Meanwhile, Noel’s health condition has been kept private. It is not clear what are the exact reasons for his exit.

However, it is learnt that Noel hadn’t contracted Corona Virus in the house. It is heard that there are some personal health issues for him which led to his exit now. Since it is not Covid, it is a huge sigh of relief for the rest as well. Earlier, Gangavva had also exited the Bigg Boss house citing the health issues.

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