Funny WhatsApp Group Of Mid-Range Heroes

Back then, hero Allu Arjun has taken the initiative of uniting all the actors from T-Town and even thrown them a party at their farmhouse. While the whereabouts of that group is not known now, but another set of young heroes lead by proven mid-range hero is in the discussion now.

Apparently, these young heroes have started a group that has heroes of their range, and some freshers as well. However, the group hasn’t invited one particular sensational star who is known for his attitude issues. From the last couple of days, a huge discussion is said to be going on about this hero in the WhatsApp group of Mid-Range heroes.

Many are said to be not happy with the attitude this hero shows and they are said to be commenting to avoid his tweets and responding to his texts on a whole. Though everyone is vocal about that hero’s behaviour, one has to understand how jealous these heroes are about that guy’s success.

On the other hand, these mid-range heroes are said to be discussing couple of heroines who have recently started skin show during lockdown times and talking a lot about going bold on the silver screen.