Puri Musings On Dad: Tugs At Heartstrings

Director Puri Jagannadh’s podcasts are an instant hit with youth. People of all walks of life are fond of Puri’s musings. This week’s topic is “Dad” which is very emotional and heart-touching. Puri talks about how “Dad” is an underrated person in this world and how he sacrifices for his family. Puri talks that Dad can only watch his children grow on the beds hinting that they would sleep by the time Dad returns home after a long and stressful day at work. He said children miss their father and even father misses himself. Puri talked about how a “Dad” or “Bread-earner” of the family couldn’t spare time for himself and how his own life is out of his hands.

Puri talks how a “Father” loves their children unconditionally, but he couldn’t express his love unlike “Mother”. Puri’s words on father tugs at heartstrings. In the five-and-half minute-odd podcast, Puri takes us through an emotional journey. He says how a Father takes care of every event of the family and every responsibility right from school fees to birthday parties to celebration of festivals to hospital bills and taking care of relatives and et al. He said Father works day-and-night to clear all the problems, financial needs of one and all in the family. Puri says how a Father sacrifices his life and health for family and ends up diagnosing with health issues like anxiety, stress, diabetes, heart-related issues, paralysis by the time he turns old and weak. Puri says that “Father” melts down like a candle and burns his life and his health for the sake of family. Puri goes on to talk so many good things about a Father. This podcast from Puri on “Dad” is really a must-watch / must-listen one.

Puri not only realises how important a “Father” is and how supporting a Father is. He asks people to not “ignore” when the Father is Old. Overall, Puri’s “Nannaku Prematho” is heart-touching, moving, brings out tears and tugs at one’s heartstrings. Although all these are known to one and all, the way Puri jotted and the way he narrated stresses the value of a Father. Kudos to Puri once again. This is certainly one of his bests among his musings!

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