Telugu Producer’s Anti-TRS Campaign Hurts TRS Biggies

A Telugu producer is said to have a strong affinity towards BJP. He is said to be super excited with BJP’s recent rise in Telangana after Dubbaka elections. The producer is apparently doing his informal campaign for BJP. So far, it is all good. There is nothing wrong in promoting the party one likes. But this producer seems to have gone overboard. He allegedly started an anti-TRS campaign in his circles.

Now the word has reached TRS party senior leaders. Apparently, a known film industry insider was behind this. He is said to have carried the news to the TRS party’s senior leaders with some proofs. This naturally has angried TRS biggies.

It is buzzed that the matter has reached the top brass of TRS and it appears that this issue may not be having a happy ending. This producer seems to have caught in an unwanted political tussle. Let’s wait and see, what is in store.