That Is the Speciality of ‘Mega’ Marriages

Every celebrity marriage has a certain speciality as the luxury of budget they have will allow them to bring all the glitterati from clouds and spread across the wedding venue. But then, the ‘mega’ weddings of Mega family are turning out to be certain specia. This is because of a few reasons we must say. 

One of the primary attractive factors of mega weddings is, whether Ram Charan tied the knot, or his sister Sreeja or Niharika Konidela, the attendance of almost a dozen stars from within the family is an eye candy treat for Telugu audiences. Chiru, Pawan, Charan, Bunny, Tej, Varun, Sirish and others from the family make sure that it is a star-studded marriage though its a private family affair. 

And then we have these special ‘chamaks’ coming from the sangeet events and dance shows at these mega weddings. Especially with mega family heroes known for their dancing skills, their ladies also shaking a leg without brining down the expectations, its a treat for onlookers. And at every mega marriage, we find at least one crazy thing happening on the dance floor.

Then we have mega family implementing strict dress code for the family members. They don’t limit the dress, but they follow a colour code which flaunts the kind of camaraderie and chemistry they enjoy. Either they are all dressed up in yellows or pinks and put a display of strength and bonding.

 All these unique things that get repeated at mega weddings make everyone watch the family’s weddings in awe. Well, we have many more ‘mega’ weddings lined up for the next couple of years. So get ready to see more of them.