AHA Apologises To Megastar’s Fans

This is an unexpected thing but the reaction of fans on things related to their favourite stars is also quite unexpected. And that’s what happened when Aha OTT app addressed Allu Arjun as “Megastar” on their YouTube ads as they promoted the latest episode of Sam Jam.

With Aha putting up the title as “Megastar Allu Arjun”, memers and fans of Megastar started to troll Allu Arjun and Allu Arvind big time.

Reacting on the same, without taking the name of Allu Arjun or Chiranjeevi, and without talking about the actual thing that happened, Aha posted an apology on official social media handles. Calling that as an unintended error, Aha apologised and said, “There’s only one Megastar and we all know it”.

Of course, that might have cooled down Megastar fans and all the social media armies that have targeted Stylish Star. Chill folks.

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