Star Hero Shocks Fans With Upcoming 30 Movies List

Prithviraj Sukumaran is one of the superstars in the Malayalam film industry. Prithviraj’s passion for cinema is never-ending. Even during the pandemic, despite getting stuck in Jordan, the actor shot for the film Aadujeevitham and returned to India successfully.

On the occasion of Republic Day yesterday, the actor came up with the teaser of his new movie Janagana Mana. Now, we came to know that the actor is fully occupied with as many as 30 movies. The fans have lost count as the actor announced a bunch of interesting films in the recent past. Prithviraj gave out the list of his next 30 films, shocking all.

Prithviraj Sukumaran is a multi-talented film personality who is into different crafts. As a director, he is already successful with Lucifer and is currently working on the sequel. The actor will have back to back releases from now and his lineup is confirmed until the next three to four years. Still, Prithviraj is actively looking at signing new movies.

The following is the list of upcoming films that the actor is a part of.

  1. Coldcase
  2. Janagana Mana
  3. Kuruthi
  4. Star
  5. Bramam
  6. Theerppu
  7. Ayalvashi
  8. Kaduva
  9. Jhon Paul George Untitled
  10. Empuraan
  11. Neelavelicham
  12. Vilayaathbudha
  13. Aadujeevitham
  14. Gokulraj Untitled
  15. Karachi 81
  16. Vaariyamkunnan
  17. Kunjan Nambiar
  18. Beautiful Game
  19. Nammude Vakeel
  20. Kaaliyan
  21. Ayyappan
  22. Veluthambidhalwa
  23. 1904 Metergauge
  24. Railway Gaurd
  25. Ranjith Untitled
  26. Ranjith Sankar untitled
  27. Lal Jose Untitled
  28. Kottayam Nazeer Untitled
  29. Vaya Nuzumudheen Untitled
  30. Sreenath Rajendran Untitled