After Burning Star, Its Public Star

After Burning Star, Its Public Star

It seems that the successor of 'Burning Star' Sampoornesh Babu has finally arrived to tollywood in the form of 'Public Star'.

The trailer of an upcoming Telugu film titled 'Police Power' is currently trending on social media. Take one look at it and one can understand why it has every right to go viral.

Starting from those inadvertently funny dialogues to the over the top fights, base in voice and dialogue delivery of the hero, the amateurish villains, chest thumping ruffians, production values etc. will leave one in splits.

Siva Jonnalagadda has not just played the ubiquitous lead role in this overly dramatized story of a cop, but he has handled story, screenplay, dialogues, choreography, music and direction as well.

Just like Sampoornesh Babu introduced himself as 'Burning Star' and became a youtube star with the catchy promos of his debut film 'Hrudaya Kaleyam', Siva has introduced himself as 'Public Star' and the trailer of 'Police Power' is now grabbing the attention of Telugu film lovers.

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