Heroine To Director: Hit Me On My Navel

Heroine To Director: Hit Me On My Navel

Hitting on the waist and navel of a heroine through some means of fruits and flowers may be seen as a most violent form of romance by some feminists, but from ages, such romance on silver screen is being liked by the masses.

Especially when it comes to director K Raghavendra Rao's movies, making fruits follow the principle of buoyancy on the waists of heroines and dance on their lips is a usual sight. Flowers and Fruits always adore heroines at hot spots and make all the romance in his songs. But for the film Om Namo Venkatesaya, KRR never thought of hitting Pragya Jaiswal's navel spot with flowers or fruits. Only after the actress made the request, he did it so.

"That's the third day of shooting with KRR sir and we're canning a song. But actually he's not making any flower or fruit thrown at my navel or waist, that's why I took courage to ask him to hit my navel with them", said Pragya Jaiswal, who feels that KRR's navel-hit will give her a stroke a luck. Joining Pragya, even Nagarjuna Akkineni confirmed that Pragya has demanded Raghavendra Rao to hit her navel with a flower. This is what we call crazy!!

Earlier the likes of Ramya Krishna, Roja, Rambha, Nagma and many others have got hit with flowers and fruits by K Raghavendra Rao in songs; and the stardom of these heroines reached a high later. We have to see what happens to Pragya

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