Pic: Hotness Dominates Anti-Drug Message

Pic: Hotness Dominates Anti-Drug Message

The 'drug scandal' that has hit Tollywood recently, is the latest hot topic in tinsel town. While the police are busy interrogating celebs and assembling the intricate details brick by brick, media is asking primarily about drugs whenever it gets a chance to meet any celebrity. Some actors are conveying their message on drug abuse through social media.   

Actress Anita, who is still remembered for her debut film 'Nuvvu Nenu', has also given a message to her followers on drugs. 'Say No to Drugs', she wrote on her Instagram account. Ironically, the picture she chose to attach with the message has garnered more attention than the message.

Anita has posted a picture where is seen lying on the floor with a packet of drugs, a lighter and a spoon lying by her side. Ignoring the message, her followers have commented how she sensual she looked in the pic. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for her ardent followers, her sexy avatar has dominated the message she gave.

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