That's A Tribute To Chiru, I'm Not Spoiling Them

That's A Tribute To Chiru, I'm Not Spoiling Them

A wide number of audiences do believe that mega heroes are actually spoiling some hit numbers of Megastar Chiranjeevi by remixing them. And the latest one to draw flak is none other than Chamaku Chamaku Cham remix done by Sai Dharam Tej for the upcoming film Inttelligent.

Forget about visuals of the song, but the way it was rendered poorly by the singers and Thaman's poor mixing hasn't worked out well. With critics attacking Mega Menalludu from all quarters, what has the mega hero to say about this? Here comes his interesting take on why he's doing these remix songs.

"Actually many people said on my face that I'm spoiling Chiranjeevi garu's songs. But truth is that I'm paying tribute to his greatest hits. Everyone knows that no one could produce an output exactly like how Chiru's song is there. But we are recreating the original once again as a mark of respect to him and to take the song to the new generation" said Sai Dharam Tej, supporting his remix of Chamaku Chamaku Cham song.

Elaborating further on how this song's remix was done, he added that they have decided to retain the soul of the song which happens to Chiranjeevi and Vijayasanthi's graceful steps. "While choreographer Jani Master helped me get Chiranjeevi style grace, Lavanya watched original video for hundreds of times to come up with Vijayasanthi like expressions," says Mega Menalludu.

On a whole Sai Dharam is promising a rich visual treat for Megastar's fans with this remixed song, though the song received some brickbats already. Let's catch it in theatres from Feb 9th.