Mythri Costly Gift To Uppena Hero & Heroine

Hot under the heels of Uppena’s blockbuster success, producers Mythri Movie Makers have already signed director Buchi Babu Sana for two other films. The latest is that the makers of Uppena are going to give expensive gifts to hero Vaisshnav Tej and heroine Krithi Shetty.

It is learnt that producers are planning to offer Rs 1 Crore to Vaisshnav and Rs 25 lakhs to Krithi as gift in addition to their original remuneration. This is expensive gift from producers to the film’s lead cast who made splashy debut.

Already it is buzzed that producers are also going to give a posh house or a car to director Buchi Babu. Looks like, Mythri is leaving no stone unturned to gift the cast and crew.