Shocking! Singer Chinmayi Groped At TV Show Finale

Shocking! Singer Chinmayi Groped At TV Show Finale

No matter how much advancement is happening on technology and standards of living front, somehow few people still live in that barbaric age only. And they shamelessly stare, grope, assault, harass and abuse both men and women.

Singer Chinmayi, who has shot to fame with her dubbing given to Samantha, has complained that she got groped other day. After the shooting of a grand finale of a TV Show, she's actually posing for selfies with a crowd at the studio premises. And some unidentified person has groped her. Taking to social media, she shared about the incident. Also, Chinmayi stated that this is not the first time she's groped as she revealed about an incident when she's 7 years old. She shared that a bad uncle (of a different religion) has kept his hand in her underwear.

Chinmayi also revealed that the moment she shared her story she got many messages from many women and men about their own harassment incidents. "Many men and women have been molested as children (teachers, brothers, co-passengers, uncles, grandparents and even women) at most common places including- their own home, public transport, places of worship, educational institutions. Most girls and boys haven't mustered the strength to share it with their family and friends coz no one would believe it.  Even if girls have a chance of being heard, men have none" she said.

Highlighting the stark reality of this society's sadistic behaviour, she added, "Men are shamed if they share an account of sexual assault/molestation during childhood. Women who gathered the courage to share have been blamed "she enjoyed it".

As a final request to everyone, she asked the victims to speak up and the society to stop shaming the victims.