Who is Targeting Sai Pallavi?

Who is Targeting Sai Pallavi?

Rumors are galore about Sai Pallavi, the young heroine who stole the hearts of millions with her performance in 'Fidaa', say she is indisciplined, troubles producers, headstrong, has affair with a married hero etc. Some say that she is intentionally being targeted by a section in the Telugu film industry.

Sai Pallavi has become a star in very short span, even without acting opposite star heroes. One can't imagine what heights she can scale if she acts opposite the established star heroes.

This superb talented actress is known for working on her own terms, she doesn't looks for big directors, producers and heroes but only care for her role. If the character offered isn't good enough for her, she would reject however biggie it is. She would even question the makers if they don't film what they had narrated to her.

Some vested interests, who didn't like this nature of Pallavi, started speculating that she was headstrong and indisciplined. It seemed as an agenda-based malicious campaign to bring bad name to the 'Fidaa' actress and take offers away from her. Link-up rumors with heroes also originated in this vein. For the record, no emerging actress had to face as many speculations as Sai Pallavi did.

Sai Pallavi on the other hand is unperturbed of all these speculations, and is concentrating only on her career.

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