Nani Couldn't Escape Failure This Time

Nani Couldn't Escape Failure This Time

Over the past 2, 3 years, Nani has not seen a single failure. Even though he had done a few average films, they turned out to be hits thanks to his winning streak. He turned out to be the golden goose for producers and distributors.

Many even wondered if Nani is taking his audience for granted by choosing mediocre stories. At one point, it looked like he stepped into a false world when even a average movie like MCA became a huge hit. But at last, poor Nani had to pay the price with his latest film 'Krishnarjuna Yuddham'.

Krishnarjuna Yuddham utterly failed to impress audiences even though it posted decent collections on its opening day. And then, there was a big drop in the collections from Friday. The situation is such that Rangasthalam, which released more than 2 weeks ago, overtook Krishnarjuna Yuddham's collections over the weekend.

Nani's poor show continued even in the overseas market, where he had scored a hat-trick of USD 1M movies last year. Going by the trends, it looks like Krishnarjuna Yuddham will end up collecting less than Nithiin's latest flop Chal Mohan Ranga's US collections. It's high time the Natural Star came out of the illusion that his fans will watch anything he serves.

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