Young Hero! Control Your Money Thirst

Young Hero! Control Your Money Thirst

There are some heroines who work 24x7 in the film industry and they say it is passion. Truth is that they don't want to keep their dates unoccupied and sit without work at home for the reason that they lose out money. That's why these hotties do almost dozen films in a couple of years.

Following a related path, a hero made sure that he will not even take a month break and do films back to back. A similar act made the likes of Allari Naresh go for a toss at the box office. But there is this particular young hero who is doing back to back films and scoring only brownies all the time. However, that is said to be not going well with many.

Forget about films, but his personal life is said to be taking a huge toll due to this style of working. And all these continuous work only makes him earn close to what an Allu Arjun or Jr NTR earns in a year. But those stars take huge breaks for the sake of family and balance the equation quite well. And this hero is running after money and losing other important things.

Industry biggies are said to be advising him to control his money thirst and invest his savings in a good business such that there will be safe returns. And once the returns are good, he could ease this type of lifestyle. We have to see if he listens or not.

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