'RGV Provoked Sri Reddy To Abuse Pawan, I've Proof'

'RGV Provoked Sri Reddy To Abuse Pawan, I've Proof'

"I've seen in it with my own eyes. And I got those message snapshots as proofs too. Ram Gopal Varma advised Sri Reddy via WhatsApp to call Pawan as 'aadu' 'eedu' and also to call him the M*****d word she used" revealed activist Sandhya, who happens to be president of Progressive Organisation of Women (POW).

All the while Sri Reddy is debating on TV channels, we've seen POW Sandhya standing by her side, giving full support to the war waged against Casting Couch in Telugu film industry. It is heard that last night Sri Reddy messaged her saying that she wants to commit suicide. And when Sandhya went all the way to Sri Reddy's house to pick her up and counselled her. During that time, it is revealed that director Ram Gopal Varma provoke Sri Reddy to say that.

"After a couple of hours of counselling, Sri Reddy revealed that Varma texted her to abuse Pawan Kalyan such that she will get huge attention. Had I known this before, definitely I would not have allowed her to abuse Pawan Kalyan that way" said Sandhya, claiming that she's very close to mega family as well. She revealed that Chiranjeevi called her for advice at a time when Sreeja was facing issues with her the then husband.

But in the meantime, while Sandhya took to channels to say this, Varma is busy shedding crocodile tears on Twitter revealing that Sri Reddy might have accidentally called Pawan that way but her true intention would not have been that.

We have to see what turn Sri Reddy issue will take now with much more drama getting added to it, each passing day!