Pics: Upasana Turns An Organic Farmer

Upasana Kondela is an inspiring woman to many, though she is admired by film fans of Ram Charan for being Mrs. C. Upasana is not just the Vice Chairperson of Apollo Foundation, but she is one of the top young inspirational influencers in India. She is also the Editor in Chief for the famous BPositive magazine of health and lifestyle. Upasana’s also been a representative from India at the summit at World Economic Forum.

Well, now she is now a farmer too. Upasana posted a few pictures of herself turning into a gobar girl in the organic farm, where she spent the quarantine time learning organic farming, composting, and methods to reuse food waste and many more. She also gives the credit to her father in the picture calling him the Modern Day Farmer, from who she is learning the organic farming.

For a girl with two richest and most influential families behind her, Upasana is too grounded, modest and a constant learner. Kudos to her for being an inspiration.

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