Varma’s Adult Stuff Is Not Exciting Netizens; Here’s Why

Director Ram Gopal Varma used to grab all the attention of big TV channels and happening celebrities with his tweets. But during the lockdown, the producer is not able to turn attention towards him. And then, his ‘adult stuff’ is not exciting even his hardcore fans too. Here comes an interesting snippet.

Back then, when all the celebs are busy with work, Varma’s hyperactive behaviour on social media pages like Twitter used to get into the spotlight. Now that every celebrity is free and everyone is engaging their fans on Twitter, Varma’s tweets are not able to become a talking point. That’s the first reason why he is not able to divert attention towards him.

And then, he has come up with the teaser of a film titled “Climax”, which has porn star Mia Malkova in the lead. Despite the fact that Mia appeared almost nude in the teaser, none is talking about it. There is a reason behind this too. When top starlets like Radhika Apte are doing nude in content-driven movies, who is going to watch Varma’s routine films that have only nudity as selling point?

These are the days where audiences won’t fall for Ice Creams and Bezawadas as they are watching much better content on OTT platforms.

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