Media Hits Back, Warns Film & Political Leaders

Media Hits Back, Warns Film & Political Leaders

In what can be a significant step, Telugu TV news editors - keeping aside professional competition and rivalry among themselves - have come out in unison to take on a section of the Telugu Film Industry who are allegedly making plans to "ban" a few TV channels after Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan gave a call to his fans, his colleagues in the industry.

Cutting across news channels, the news editors of Telugu news channels met on Monday in the Somajiguda Press Club and took a few important decisions. In a point-by-point rebuttal, Editors have released a statement. The Editors have unanimously passed a resolution. Please find below pointers from the statement.

- A section of the Telugu Film Industry are issuing threats to ban a few news channels/TV channels on May 2nd. It is undemocratic.

- TV channels have been working under self-control, under purview of the law. Film industry people are mixing politics and resorting to attack on media. It is beyond understanding that whether film industry people are raising their voice against media or political people are raising their voice.

- The film, political leaders are attacking media due to their ignorance, immaturity. They're trying to paint caste angle to media and even provoking their followers, supporters to resort to physical attack against media.

- The illogical criticism against media shows their ignorance, inexperience.

- TV channels telecasting Sri Reddy and her followers and their version, owes are not at all a mistake.

- If possible, the Telugu film industry should find a solution to the concerns rasied by her.

- It looks like, film industry people are resorting to attack with fear. Fearing that the much-debated casting couch issue would caught them, they're diverting the issue with fear by attacking media and trying to muzzle the voice of media.

- It is foolish act to divert the issue and trying to control media instead of addressing the problem.

PS: The united media has in unison sent a strong message to the film, political fraternity. The editors have also said they would soon meet again and discuss on the future course of action. Looks like, TV channels are bracing up for a no-holds barred counter-attack against attack on the Fourth Estate.