Allu Arjun Brings Best Out Of Paris

Allu Arjun Brings Best Out Of Paris

The result of "Naa Peru Surya" isn't exciting for the actor who has given his 100% to the role including that of working very hard under the sun to get into the skin of a soldier. That's the reason he is taking time to come out of it.

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is looking forward to finalising his next, with the likes of Vikram Kumar, Linguswamy, VI Anand and some newcomers keeping their scripts on his table already. Before taking a call, however, the talented hero want to take some rest and clear out all the thoughts, he's on a break.

From the last couple of days, Bunny is spending his time in Paris, and enjoying the vacation with wife and kids. At the same time, he's taking some interesting pictures and sharing them on the social media page too. Though there is a disappointment that he's not sharing his own pictures, it looks like he is bringing the best out of his vacation.

On the other hand, director Harish Shankar is said to be readying a story for Allu Arjun and will narrate once the hero returns from his vacation. It's surprising to see that Allu Arjun is the only star hero who didn't have any flick in this hand at the moment, while Mahesh, Charan, Prabhas and NTR are having a minimum of two finalised films in hand.

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