What Is Pawan Kalyan Doing in Quarantine?

Many big stars got struck in their farmhouses and homes during this lockdown and they are posting lots of updates. While Pawan Kalyan is also stuck in his Hyderabad home, he’s not actually posting anything about his personal stuff though he is super active on the political front.

Some little birds revealed that actually Pawan Kalyan is reading a lot of books during the quarantine. His good friend Trivikram Srinivas is said to have sent him lots of old Telugu novels and non-fiction books that Pawan Kalyan would be interested in. At the same time, Pawan is also said to be trying his hand at some new things.

While he is taking care of plants and trees at his farmhouse, he’s sitting under the shade to sketch and paint things. Some say that he is trying a hand at pencil sketching and watercolours during the quarantine period. Though not a great artist when it comes to sketching, maybe Pawan should share his work to inspire more people.

Let’s see if Pawan shares anything in the coming days regarding his quarantine life.