Samantha's Driving Acts Based On Hollywood Film

Samantha's Driving Acts Based On Hollywood Film

Already we have revealed that Samantha's next film is a female-centric thriller where she plays the role of a cab driver in Mumbai. And the film will be taking off very soon and here comes another interesting snippet.

Directed by newcomer Girisayya, who has earlier assisted Sandeep Vanga of "Arjun Reddy" fame, the film will be projecting Samantha as the superstar if we have to go by the reports. And her characterisation will be based on the character Maxx from 2004 film "Collateral", where Tom Cruise is seen as a killer and Maxx a car driver.

The story is loosely like, one night the killer hires the cabbie, to travel all around New York to kill few targets. Here, Samantha will be seen in a similar role but it will be having more heroics and comedy as well. The actress will be indulging in more gym to take up the role as she will be doing some stunts also.

Probably after "U-Turn", it looks like Samantha want to do a Nayantara here in Tollywood by picking up films that run merely on her merit. Let's see if she could become that next Vijayashanti of Tollywood.

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