Shruti Trolled for Not Tweeting On Karunanidhi

Shruti Trolled for Not Tweeting On Karunanidhi

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Shruti Haasan might not have expected that severe trolling is on her way, when she tweeted something not related to Karunanidhi's death on the very day he passed away. She is facing the heat of abusive and trolls of disrespect for not condoling the death of senior leader in Tamil Nadu.

Shruti Haasan tweeted about her music work tagging two others from the band in London saying "So much fun working with these two!!", on August 7. Well, there it started, as Tamil Nadu is already in a mayhem after Karunanidhi's demise on the same day and Shruti Hassan having no knowledge about this is ruled out by the trollers.

They started targeting her for not condoling Karunanidhi's death, neither tweeting anything about him, instead using words like 'so much fun'. The trollers have gone abusive about Kamal Haasan too as he is very much in present politics in Tamil Nadu state.  

Kamal Haasan entered politics, but Shruti Haasan never did and there is no law mandating to present the condoling tweets about a politician when one's father is active in politics. Shruti Haasan seems to have decided to answer the trolls by just 'ignoring' them. She did not delete the tweet, neither did she post any words expressing condolences to the leader.

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