Bigg Twist: Nutan Naidu Eliminated from Bigg Boss 2!

Bigg Twist: Nutan Naidu Eliminated from Bigg Boss 2!

Bigg Boss season 2 is living up to its tagline 'Yedaina jaragochu'. As per inside buzz, Nutan Naidu who had the liberty of making two re-entries into the show has been eliminated from the house. Interestingly, Nutan hasn't lost the public poll, but Bigg Boss has evicted him based on a special voting by the housemates.

Majority of the housemates voted against Nutan Naidu to be evicted from the house as he had an unwarranted advantage of knowing about the proceedings outside. So Amit who should have been evicted from the house on Sunday according to public voting, has been saved and Nutan Naidu is thrown out.

It is going to be double eviction this week and the other one who has been shown the door is Ganesh. In a surprising turn of events both the commoners have been evicted in the same week. Another interesting update is a commoner is going to enter the house just before the finals. With double evictions this weekend, eight contestants are still left in the house with Kaushal nominated for the entire season by Geetha Madhuri.

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