Bigg Boss 2: TV Anchor to get Eliminated?

Bigg Boss 2: TV Anchor to get Eliminated?

Another week, and yet another eviction on Bigg Boss season-2 this Sunday. With just 8 members left in house and 4 members in the nomination, viewers are waiting to know who's going to be kicked out this week.

Kaushal, Amit, Deepthi and Shyamala are four housemates up for possible evictions this week (week-13). And as per recent reports from Film Nagar birdies, Shyamala will be sent of the Bigg Boss house this week.

The popular TV anchor was eliminated during the fourth week of week of show, but she's later voted back into the game by viewers. Ever since Shyamala made a comeback, there's a debate & discussion among housemates and viewers that she totally changed her strategy and began to associate well with rest of the members. Firstly, her only friend inside seemed to be Deepthi but now, Shyamala is maintaining a great equation with all the housemates in house.

Also, it is reliably learnt that there is going to be another 'double elimination' either this week or next week. Now that the show is inching towards climax, the vote-battle among house members is growing. Let us wait for the Sunday's episode to see if it turns out to be true.

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