Trivikram Used Me Like A Karivepaku In ASVR: Sunil

Trivikram Used Me Like A Karivepaku In ASVR: Sunil

Star comedian turned hero Sunil returned to full-fledged comedian roles, and played a hilarious role in his good friend Trivikram's just released action drama, Aravindha Sametha. However, Sunil's fans are slightly upset with his less screentime in the film.

At the film's success meet yesterday, Sunil made a few interesting comments on his role. "If Aravindha Sametha is like biryani, Trivikram used me like a curry leaf in it." He also said Trivikram might have used him as a banana had he made a fruit salad.

Sunil further added that Trivikram is a good friend and that perhaps he has cut his 3 scenes out of friendship. "But I am very happy with my role and the kind of response I am getting from audiences," Sunil said. Whether Sunil took a sly dig at Trivikram or if it's his sense of humour is unclear and it has left everyone confused.

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