What’s Next For These Two Directors?

Apparently a couple of directors are said to be getting some respite to their career as Megastar Chiranjeevi has called them. But it looks like, there is no such scene in the near future, as the matinee idol is moving his pawns quickly, making some fantastic new choices.  

Back then, when the news got out that “Lucifer” remake rights are acquired by Megastar Chiru, many thought that he might call up VV Vinayak again to direct the film, like how Tagore and Khaidi No 150 have taken place. But Vinayak not in a form anymore, it looks like even Megastar back stepped himself from that idea. And then, the name of Meher Ramesh is heard quite a lot.

Though Chiru handed Mehere the responsibilities of #Corona Crisis Charity, he hasn’t given the chance for his distant relative to direct Lucifer remake. While the track record of Meher Ramesh is quite bad, the style quotient in his films including that of Billa and Sakthi is too addictive. However, Megastar has picked Sujeeth over everyone, because he is young and fresh with ideas, and also knows what the present generation knows.

Though Saaho didn’t work, the backing given by UV Creations, who happen to be friends of Ram Charan, has resulted in the favour tilt towards Sujeeth, they say. So, what next for Vinayak and Meher Ramesh?

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