Can Struggling Director Help #RRR Producer’s Dream?

Except two hit movies (Lakshyam and Loukyam) in his career, director Srivaas is almost associated with disastrous films of Tollywood. His recent moves like Dictator and Sakshyam are both cost failures and damp squids at the box office. But then, the director’s narrative abilities are said to be flooring many producers and heroes as well.

Of all directors he worked with earlier, producer DVV Danayya picked Srivaas for a film he will be producing after #RRR. Other day the producer confirmed that Srivaas will be directing his son’s debut as a hero. But then, when star kids and sons of producers always made debuts with successful directors, one wonders why Danayya picked Srivaas to do the same.

They say that Danayya is impressed with Srivaas because the director will be able to showcase the talents of a hero including dances and fights to the fullest. But then, youngsters like Bellamkonda Srinivas are doing the same for years now and those stunts will not yield either fanbase or bucks.

Let’s see what Srivaas will do to Danayya’s son’s career as that happens to be the dream of the producer.

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