Allu Arjun Steps Up For His PRO

Allu Arjun Steps Up For His PRO

Promoting those films that are made by people close to him or taking part in events he thinks that his presence will help the outreach, Allu Arjun is always a step ahead. And this time, he is there for Vijay Devarakonda yet again, and also not for the sake of hero only.

To help his good friend and personal caretaker Bunny Vasu, earlier Stylish Star has turned up at the pre-release event of Geetha Govindam movie. Before that Bunny came in a couple of times for mega family heroes and Niharika as well, for their functions. And now, he is coming up for his PRO, Srinivas Kumar aka SKN, for Taxiwala.

On November 11th, we have a pre-release event of Vijay Devarakonda's Taxiwala movie. As the film is produced by his PRO with support from both Geetha Arts and UV Creations, Allu Arjun is making to the event. With this wishes working out big for Vijay earlier, the unit is hoping that Taxiwala will also meet a similar fate.

Directed by newcomer Rahul Sankrithyan, Taxiwala has newcomer Priyanka Jawalkar as Telugu lead, while an unknown horror element happens to be the original story of the film.

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