Mahesh And Bunny To Spend 2-3 Crores

Mahesh And Bunny To Spend 2-3 Crores

In the good olden days, a leading actor aka hero will continue only as a hero for his life. Later he will retire, turn to real-estate or politics and will pass on the baton to his brothers and sons. But days are changing quite fast now, thanks to Bollywood influence.

In Hindi industry we see mainstream stars playing not just heroes, but also guest roles, villains, and in TV serials and also they host awards shows, launching their own product lines, and also produce movies with other stars. Thanks to that, even Tollywood's happening stars like Mahesh and Allu Arjun are also changing their paths now.

Recently we have revealed that Allu Arjun has started his own office in Jubilee Hills with a view to kick-starting some production ventures. Each film will be made with a budget of 2-3 crores with newcomers, both actors, and directors. His target is to make movies like RX100, C/o Kancharapalem and Chi La Sow.

And now, Mahesh Babu also wants his "G Mahesh Babu Entertainment" to producer similar films with Namrata captaining the total project. He is also looking forward to turning brand ambassador of those small films with big content. That's a welcoming sign for sure.

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