Film 'Sarkar' Bends Before Real Sarkar

Film 'Sarkar' Bends Before Real Sarkar

Sarkar has become the nucleus of controversies starting at the plagiarism allegations to the political criticism with several scenes objected by Tamil Nadu political party AIADMK.

Amid the growing outrage among the party supporters against the film and more threats coming in on theater owners each day, the makers of Sarkar agreed to mute or remove few controversial scenes.

According to the Central Board of Film Certification, the modifications and removed scenes were: (a) deletion of visuals of throwing a mixie and grinder into fire; (b) muting the name 'Komala' from the full name of the character 'Komalavalli' and removing the same from subtitles; and (c) muting the dialogue 'Podhuppaniththuraia' (PWD) and '56 Varusham' (56 years) and the removal of those words from subtitles.

Two State ministers CV Shanmugam and Kadambur C Raju objected the scenes showing the state government distributing mixer grinders to woo the voters and the public burning the 'gifts', turned critical of the government. The two ministers warned the Sarkar makers and Sun pictures to file provocation and subversion charges and also termed the movie as a 'terrorist activity'.

Well, the production house Sun pictures did not make any official announcement regarding the cutting down of the scenes and dialogues in controversy.

On the other side, the opposition party DMK came down on the government for targeting a film to grab attention, leaving aside the dengue deaths and cash crunch due to demonetization in the state.

Sarkar hit the screens just days before the crucial by-elections in 20 constituencies across the state and many started speculating it as a planned act to strengthen Vijay's political entry. Actor turned politician Kamal Haasan to tweeted in support of Sarkar, slammed at the government for illegally opposing a duly certified film. Kamal also said that this government had no guts to accept criticism and such gang of political traders will soon perish. 

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