Why Rajamouli Ignoring Media?

Why Rajamouli Ignoring Media?

SS Rajamouli is at it again. He has ignored media once again as he & his team haven't invited the media for the grand launch of RRR featuring Ram Charan and NTR in the lead roles.

While there is no rule to invite media for such muhurat events, but this act of Rajamouli uninviting media has a lot of significance given his relation with regional media. Rajamouli in the past has avoided regional media folks to the core and has shown a lot of interest in giving interviews to national media. In fact, it all started with Eega where Rajamouli started his interactions with national media. Later for Baahubali : The Beginning and The Conclusion, he has conveniently ignored local media folks.

Except one vernacular during the making of Baahubali, Rajamouli hasn't entertained any other media. He even bluntly said 'no' to several media folks before & after the release of Baahubali. Whereas he & his team have gone after media in Mumbai. Right from showcasing premieres at Mumbai to various set of critics, Rajamouli & team had then tried every possible way to please the critics and journos there. And one can't blame Rajamouli completely as even Karan Johar had played a pivotal role there in Mumbai.

But coming to AP, his team has taken media lightly. Now even for RRR launch, Rajamouli seems to be applying the same strategy. This is said to be putting off the local media folks here. Let's see how long would Rajamouli & co ignore local media is the question on lips of media persons.

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