40 Cameras Chased Mahesh, Got Irritated!

40 Cameras Chased Mahesh, Got Irritated!

That is the talk doing rounds in media circles right now, but frankly speaking, what answer we could expect from the Superstar of Telugu cinema?

Today Mahesh and his wife Namratha have come to Jubilee Hills Public School nearby their house to cast their vote in the Telangana election. And the moment he arrived, there is a sort of buzz at the polling booth with media folks trying to get a video-byte of him.

When he is exiting after fulfilling his duty as a citizen, nearly 40 camera persons chased him until he boarded his classic white Range Rover car. So what is that byte of Mahesh media needs badly? As he stepped out of the car without much security around hoping that the crowd will be less at polling booths, Mahesh is said to have felt little uneasy due to this excessive presence of media folks.

Anyway, it is good to see superstars casting their votes though they remain silent on political issues related to Telugu states.

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