Kavacham, S'Puram And Next Enti Get A Punch

Kavacham, S'Puram And Next Enti Get A Punch

Needless to say, Tollywood has made a huge risk with producers deciding the test their luck on the D-day. As Telangana goes to voting today, all the public and private establishments declared a holiday, and our makers thought that they better cash it.

That is why we have the likes of Bellamkonda Srinivas Kavacham, Sumanth's Subramanyapuram and Tamanna's Next Enti hitting cinemas today. But the shocker has hit them as expected in the morning. Reportedly there is not even 20-30% occupancy in many theatres in Telangana region.

That said, it happens to be a holiday for few in Andhra region too and the occupancy rates of theatres in Godavari and Rayalaseema regions are bit better. Here in Telangana, with huge numbers of voters turning out to polling booths to cast their vote, even matinees are likely to continue the dull phase.

And another disappointing thing is that general mood of the public is to talk about the election, exit polls and winning horses today, but not the talk and reviews of films. This is another punch for sure!!

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