Daggubati's Sensational Comments On NTR Biopic

Daggubati's Sensational Comments On NTR Biopic

NT Rama Rao's son-in-law and noted politician Daggubati Venkateswara Rao has made sensational comments on NTR biopic and even revealed several unknown facts of the Viceroy Hotel incident in a latest interview given to a TV channel. Daggubati took part in a debate that discussed how NTR's role would have been portrayed in the biopic.

Daggubati revealed that Balakrishna, Harikrishna and Chandrababu Naidu together came to his house and sought his help to dethrone NT Rama Rao from the CM's chair. Daggubati said that Babu, Balayya and Hari reached his residence 1 hour in advance before he flew down from New Delhi.

Daggubati went on to say that Chandrababu, Balayya and Harikrishna requested him to accompany them to the Viceroy Hotel to take part in the conspiracy to dethrone NT Rama Rao. Daggubati wondered how Balakrishna's participation in the entire Viceroy Hotel incident will be showcased in the biopic.

Daggubati further said that he is curiously waiting to see who will be blamed in the NTR backstabbing episode in the biopic. 'But I will tell everyone that Balayya was part of the entire episode,' Daggubati said, also adding that Chandrababu had secretly discussed division of the posts with him.

Daggubati concluded saying that Chandrababu had told him that he will keep the CM and TDP President's posts with him and assured him of Deputy CM post. "When I asked Babu about Harikrishna, he told me that he will be given the party's General Secretary post," Daggubati said.

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