Selfless Agenda Makes #NTR A Lovable Epic

Selfless Agenda Makes #NTR A Lovable Epic

What is the sole agenda Nandamuri Balakrishna is making this biopic?- That was the question many asked untile #NTR Kathayanakudu released yesterday. But after looking at the selfless agenda of the movie, one has to change their opinion now.

Definitely many felt that Balayya is making this film only to promote himself and Telugudesam Party in the coming days as general elections are inching fast. But in case if he wants to do such a thing, then the film would have been more NTR centric thereby projecting him as a hero in each and every scene. That didn't happen inside.

Firstly if we discuss the climax of this first part, had they wanted to show that only NTR got the idea of establishing a party, definitely it would have sounded like a selfish agenda. But the film showcased that from Daggubati Venkateswara Rao to Ramoji Rao, Nadendla Bhaskara Rao to Hari Krishna, everyone was instrumental in setting up Telugudesam Party. That explains how Balayya and Krish gave credits to everyone rather putting only NTR in the spotlight.

Many such selfless scenes inside this movie are truly making it a loveable epic for cinema lovers.

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