Who Gets Affected Most From #VVR Show Off?

Who Gets Affected Most From #VVR Show Off?

Now that Ram Charan's latest movie Vinaya Vidheya Rama is going to end up as shockingly bad as expected at the box office due to its poor content, one wonders what happens to the shareholders of this big budgeted film.

Generally, such flops affect the likes of hero, director, producer and all other big stakeholders. So who is going to get badly affected here?

Coming to lead man Ram Charan, there will be no loss for him because everyone knows that he can't do justice to a poor story and narrative. Already he has #RRR in hand and will get other big directors on board easily for his next movies.

That sends us to producer DVV Danayya who has spent a bomb to make this movie. Even if the film ends up as a mega disaster of the decade, Danayya is likely to end in the no-loss no-profit zone as he sold the film for terrific prices when it comes to theatricals, satellite, and digital rights. And he has already moved to working on #RRR, so there is no worry for him.

That brings to director Boyapati Sreenu, who according to cinema observers is going to get badly affected by VVR result. Because with the whole blame revolving around him, his next film will get budgets slashed and the business of the film will not be as smooth and high as it would be. He has to prove himself now that he is not a maker of some routine stories.

Looks like Boyapati is the true person to get more brickbats from VVR result and he has to workhard to reverse that.

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