Ali's 'Kullu Comedy' Is Not At All Entertaining!

Ali's 'Kullu Comedy' Is Not At All Entertaining!

Comedian Ali is known for his controversial comments and satires on various occasions, though he tries to defend them in the name of entertainment. Other day he made similar comments yet again at 'Lovers Day' movie audio launch where he has thrown worst jokes on anchor Suma.

Actually, the name of Oru Adaar Love (Lovers Day in Telugu) hero is Roshan and Ali compared that with anchor Suma's son name, which is also Roshan. He stated, "I know this hero Roshan is like your son. And your son's name is also Roshan. So I get a doubt when did Rajeev Kanakala went to Kerala" quipped Ali.

While this cheap joke reminds of the 'Sher ka putr Punjab' joke, definitely this is not something one would put on a lady anchor like Suma. That too in front of big crowds and many other celebs including Allu Arjun present. One wonders why Ali loves to put such 'Kullu jokes' everywhere.

Earlier he has made some sexist remarks on Samantha's waist, comparing it to Benz Circle and then spoke about Anushka's thighs at another event.

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