Keerthy Played Her Real Character In Rang De: Nithiin

The journey of making Rang De made Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh and Venky Atluri become thick friends. The close bonding of them is witnessed in all the promotional events and the trio had great time together at Grand Release event in Rajahmundry as well.

Devi Sri Prasad made Keerthy Suresh to sing few lines of Emito Idhi song and she stunned the spectators with her singing skills. As said by DSP, Keerthy has got very good voice.

DSP said, “Rang De is going to be youthful, romantic, family entertainer. It will have all the elements. I enjoyed doing BGM for the film. From the beginning of my career, love stories brought me good name. Nithiin has come up with a matured performance in the film. Chemistry between Nithiin and Keerthy is amazing. Editor Naveen Nooli won National Award. He worked for the blockbuster Uppena as well.”

Venky Atluri apologized to Devi Sri Prasad as he didn’t like Bus Stande song initially. “The song has been getting millions of views and it proved I was wrong.”

Keerthy Suresh said that though she was seen ragging Nithiin all the time in the trailer, it’s actually completely opposite in the film. What you in trailer comes as my revenge in second half. Nithiin rags me in the first half. Watch the film in theatres to know who ragged whom.”

Nithiin said, “Rang De is a perfect family entertainer. It is my third film with Sithara Entertainments after A Aa and Bheeshma which both were super hits. I’ve a good sentiment with Rajahmundry. Last time, I came here for Bheeshma song shoot and the film was a blockbuster. I have come here to attend Rang De pre-release function and I hope the sentiment works for the film. Devi Sri Prasad provided melodious album that will be remembered for long. Keerthy Suresh did well in the film. Keerthy played her real character. She always tortures others like in the film. Venky Atluri penned the script based on Keerthy Suresh’s character.”