Then Boyapati Needed Badly, Now Both Need One

Then Boyapati Needed Badly, Now Both Need One

Things and situations change just like that every Friday in tinsel towns. And that line used to sound like age-old rhetoric that holds no truth. But with the recent happenings, one has to believe the power of box office that changes every week.

None expected that Boyapati Sreenu would deliver a super flop with a hero like Ram Charan through Vinaya Vidheya Rama, and it happened. And then, many felt Nandamuri Balakrishna will be his savior as the senior hero agreed to do a film with Boyapati irrespective of the VVR result.

But things changed drastically as NTR-biopic went on to become super flops, thereby creating a huge dent in Balayya's image and also box office potential. And now, it is not just Boyapati who needs a hit badly, but both the hero and director need one.

Though flops are a common thing for any big director or hero, these flops coming at the peak of their career and at the wrong time are going to hit them hard. Hope they bounce back stronger!

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